Monday, March 30, 2009

Questions for President Obama

First time blogging. Here goes it...
Questions for Barack Obama

President Barack Obama,

As we are very well aware, We are in a severe Global Economic/Environmental Crisis GREATER than any other time in history. As President, why are you not using your Political Capital to call “Forth a State of Financial Emergency” for the “All Powerful Oligarchy” to put aside ENORMOUS Personal Financial Interests and to step up Now to SERVE Our Country? We are awestruck that in the midst of such a deeply entangled mess, they continue to demand excessive financial support for Personal Financial Gains. Not only did the banks arrogantly squander $20 BILLION of Our Tax Dollars for personal excess, but again AIG rationalizes taking another $200 Plus MILLION on top of Exorbitant $$$alaries! Enough is Enough! These Rational Minds are insatiable! This Carcinogenic Capitalistic Business Model is Crashing because it's based on "Growth, Consumption and EXCESS" which only Breeds Greed. We the People are Behind You, to stand up to the “All Powerful Oligarchy” and hold them Accountable NOW for such Self-Indulged Arrogance. The day has come when Corporate America shall hold a bake sale to bail themselves out of their High-Risk Bets. Who now will Insure Our Tax Dollars within this bottomless pit of intangible debt???
If you can take a few minutes, NPR/Fresh Air featured an interview with Frank Partnoy an insider of the "Derivative Trading Market" on Wall Street. His book "Fiasco" has just been revised.
Thank you for all of your Hard Work and reaching out and trying to Connect with us "Limited Everyday People". We are engaged, and only Pray you can Take Care of Yourself as well. Thank You.